AIMES awards submissions closing on 19 January 2024


Congratulations on your decision to apply for membership to the North Harbour Club.

Please fill in the following questions in the boxes below, name your nominating members, attach your CV/Bio/LinkedIn profile including employment, personal interests and submit it.

If you have any questions about the application process please call Jodie Rawle on 021 628 581.


We have many opportunities that you can give back to the Club.  

  1. Buying tickets and attending events;
  2. Giving or buying auction items and/or merchandise for goodie bags;
  3. By making a charitable donation directly to the Charitable Trust, receiving a tax invoice which will give you a tax deduction or;
  4. By making a gift in your will.

Please talk to Club management if you would like to know more.

(Note: if you do not know a current Club Member, you must have the proposer and seconder signed off by a member or General Manager at one of the Club functions)

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The conditions of membership

Make a commitment to be an active member of the North Harbour Club, to support the Club's goals, by way of regular attendance at club events, donation of goods or services for charity auctions and/or sponsorship of the North Harbour Club

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