AIMES awards submissions closing on 19 January 2024


The North Harbour Club (and Charitable Trust) was established on 18 May, 1995.

A group of North Shore business people met and established a constitution with the following objectives:

1. To promote the North Harbour region.

2. For business establishments of the region to meet and network for the good of the region.

3. To form a Charitable Trust to raise funds and present scholarships to the youth of the North Harbour region through the trusts annual AIMES Awards. To qualify for the AIMES Awards, recipients must have shown outstanding ability or potential in the areas of the Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Sport and Service to the Community.

The North Harbour Club is an association of Auckland’s North Shore and North Harbour leaders in local affairs, business, education, sport and social development.

Members of the North Harbour Club, who are all residents or have their businesses in the North Harbour area, have, among other stated aims, the desire to promote excellence by encouraging and providing financial assistance to the young people of the North Harbour region who have significant ability in their chosen field and display personal characteristics which make them worthy of our support.

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