A Wealth of Local Knowledge

A Wealth of Local Knowledge

Over the past decade, Quartz Wealth has built a strong community of clients, serving the North Shore community. Now North Harbour Club corporate members, the Takapuna-based wealth advisers are supporting not only local people and their families to make the most of their money, they are giving back to the community through the Club.

General manager Anna Robinson says team’s holistic and independent approach sets them apart, with a goal of simplifying any complexity and ensuring lifestyle ambitions are not compromised in the process. Anna explains how Quartz Wealth came to join North Harbour Club.

“We wanted to play a more active role in the North Shore business community while finding opportunities to build a strong network of likeminded businesses. North Shore residents and businesses are highly successful but are also very considered when it comes to matters of lifestyle and professional life balance. This is an ethos that we carry into our daily practises.”

The Forrest Hill resident adds, “The North Harbour Club appealed to us due to the synergies between our organisations. Over the last decade, we have built a strong community of clients, serving the North Shore community almost exclusively. As the Club recognises excellence and looks to provide financial assistance to successful youths, we too work alongside both successful and ambitious clients on their wealth journey.”

The four-strong team are all long-time Shore residents, with adviser Mark Humphrey also in Forrest Hill, principal adviser Glenn Read living in Bayswater and adviser associate Connor Blair further up the North Shore, in Murrays Bay. 

Quartz Wealth founder Glenn is a former Westlaker, while Connor attended Rangitoto College and Anna went to Carmel College. Glenn says, “I’ve lived in Bayswater for 18 years since coming back from 12 years abroad. I love being back on the Shore and its close proximity to the sea.”

He reflects on his chosen industry, and how this sits in 2023. “While the economic trends over the last three years have caused a significant amount of anxiety for many, this is the time that we reflect on our strategies and prove their importance. Whether markets are performing well or poorly, good wealth managers advocate for a disciplined approach to managing financial affairs and assets with a goal of achieving over a longer term.

“We believe that the strategies we put in place for our clients help them sleep at night knowing that longer term gains, not short-term market fluctuations, are what matters.”

While Anna and the team see the AIMES Awards as ‘certainly a standout’, she says they see great value in the networking events that the Club facilitates. “These are a great opportunity to spend more time with our current business partners and make connections with new one,” she says, adding, “The AIMES Winners Network event (sponsored by our good friends at Simpson Western) is also a great initiative and fantastic way to maintain a community of high achievers.”

If each of the team were to have won an AIMES Award in their youth, which category would it most likely have been in and why?

Anna: “The Arts – I love the arts, and if I hadn’t ended up working in financial services, it would have been a career in the art sector. I enjoy learning about and supporting the local art scene, and a recent highlight for me was taking my daughter to Europe for the first time and introducing her to the magnificent galleries and museums in London and Paris.”

Glenn: “Innovation – my belief in finding a better way to approach financial advice led me to create Quartz, in what I believe is an innovation on the outdated financial services model.”

Mark: “Sport – I am a big Liverpool FC fan and watch most of the games, even in the early hours! I can’t wait to take my son to Anfield later this year. I also enjoy playing golf with friends.”

Connor: “Sport – My enjoyment of sport began with my grandfather who worked as a fitness coach for the All Blacks. This made me want to follow in his footsteps and help develop fundamental skills for youth basketball. Working for the NZ Breakers enabled me to achieve this goal.”

Alongside their core team, Quartz Wealth engages with many local experts. Anna says, “We work alongside a number of accounting, legal and insurance professionals across the North Shore. This network is a big part of our success, so we consider them an extension of our team, reaching across the area.”

By Heather Barker Vermeer