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2021 North Harbour Business Hall of Fame Inductee

Devonport resident Bob Jago is recognised as a leader in New Zealand’s motor vehicle industry. For four decades Bob and his wife Pauline have called the North Shore home and have built businesses and made massive contributions to their community.

Bob was born in Masterton and was brought up in Palmerston North, attending Freyberg High School. He was going to be a school teacher but was encouraged by his father to get into motor vehicles.

Bob joined Wright Stevenson (later to become Wrightcars, owned by Fletcher Challenge) in Wellington. In the late 60s he moved to Nelson with Wrightcars – working in Nelson and Motueka –where he met Pauline.

In 1978 they moved to Auckland and Bob ran the Wrightcars Toyota branch in Otahuhu. He was then appointed Northern Area Manager for Wrightcars Toyota. Bob and Pauline settled on the North Shore. First Northcote/Birkenhead, and more recently in Devonport/Narrowneck.

In 1985 Bob and Pauline purchased Rosscars Toyota in Browns Bay and renamed it Northern Bays Toyota. At the time Rosscars was the only independent Toyota dealership in New Zealand and was running at a loss when the Jago’s purchased it.

When Fletcher Challenge and Cable Price decided to exit the motor vehicle business Bob and Pauline purchased Wrightcars North Shore based in the Wairau Valley (renaming North Shore Toyota) and they then acquired the Allan Clarke Albany operation (renaming Albany Toyota). Ron Taylor joined them as a minor shareholder.

When Ron Taylor exited that business a partnership was formed with Andrew Mackenzie in the Albany Toyota business. Andrew bought Albany Toyota entirely in 2001.

Also in 2001, Bob Jago set up the Lexus of North Shore dealership at Wairau Park.

Bob has been part of New Zealand’s motor vehicle industry for well over 50 years. During that time he has served on national industry organisations, run profitable motor vehicle businesses, and his businesses have won numerous awards for excellence and achievement. He is considered a leader in the New Zealand motor vehicle industry and his community.

Bob’s businesses have also provided employment opportunities for hundreds of people over the years. He is recognised as an exceptional employer, with many employees having stayed with him over a long period.

Bob and Pauline’s son Mark joined the business in 2005 after returning from living in the UK. Mark took over running the business when Bob retired in 2012/2013. Bob and Pauline also have a daughter, Maria, and they have three grandchildren – Henry, Josh and Amelia.

For a long time Bob Jago has had an interest in flying, he is a pilot and a member of the North Shore Aero Club – an organisation he has supported over three decades. Bob still fly’s, currently owning Cessna 182 and 150 Aerobat planes.

The Jago business grew further when a Bridgestone vehicle tyre business was added to the group. Bridgestone.

In 2010, the Jago’s also purchased North Western Toyota, based in Henderson and New Lynn.

The business is set to grow further with the completion of a new dealership and service centre at Hobsonville in mid 2021.

Bob Jago has always given back to his community.

He was a founder of the North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust in 1995, and gave a great deal to the club in those early days during the establishment phase – both in time and financial support.

He was also one of the key people who set up the AIMES Awards programme.

Bob and his businesses, North Shore Toyota and Lexus of North Shore, have continued to support the North Harbour Club in the 25 years of existence. In 2010 Lexus of North Shore became the sponsor of the club’s lunch programme – a sponsorship worth $20-$25k per year that has endured 11 years and still exists in 2021.

Bob Jago is now an Life Member of the North Harbour Club in recognition of his contribution.

Other organisations that Bob has supported include, Bruce Mason Centre, Fuji Force Netball, North Harbour Rugby, Westlake Boys High School; Takapuna Rugby; Northcote Rugby; North Shore Cricket; Team Jenkins MotorSport and the Kumeu Cricket Club.

Vehicles were provided for former Harbour rugby players Wayne (Buck) Shelford and Frano Botica, Team New Zealand leading sailors Brad Butterworth, Tony Rae and Craig Monk, and AIMES Award recipients Cam Calkoen and Terenzo Bozzone, with dozens and dozens of more vehicles provided for not-for-profit, charitable organisations over the years.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our fantastic sponsors