Art Award 2015

Soprano (25 years old) | SPONSORED BY AUCKLAND LIVE

Emily, an Australian born New Zealand resident, proudly grew up in Devonport attending Kristin School where she developed a versatile background in musical performance including jazz, musical theatre, classical and ensemble work. More recently she has focused her passion for music and performing exclusively to the classical and operatic genres with the hope of one day establishing herself as a professional singer and performer.

A recent graduate of the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance (Voice), Emily was offered a scholarship to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) where she is working towards a two year Masters in Music Performance. The Masters degree will focus on enhancing Emily’s linguistic knowledge, overall vocal technique and musicianship.

She has a stellar academic record to date with a number of top distinctions from Kristin School and First in Class Awards during her time at Auckland University.  

Emily recently completed an internship with the New Zealand Opera Company as one of their Freemasons Dame Malvina Major Emerging Artist’s which provided first-hand experience working with a National Opera Company and tutelage by their Patron (Dame Malvina), Resident Artists and visiting international professionals. Additionally, Emily was allocated comprimario and understudy roles to travel with the principle cast and perform in their three annual productions across New Zealand.  

In 2014 Emily received a Bellingham Wallace AIMES Emerging Talent award and $5,000 which was used towards her flights and to set up at her new University in California.

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