Education & Supreme Award 2015

Medicine (24 years old) | SPONSORED BY KRISTIN SCHOOL

Carl attended Orewa College and is now a sixth year medical student at The University of Auckland, graduating at the end of 2015.

An intern at North Shore Hospital for the past three years, Carl has been fortunate and diligent enough to enjoy a number of awards and achievements including the prestigious Deans Prize (2014) which is awarded to the medical student who achieves the highest overall grade in their year. The second, the Alice Bush Memorial Prize, an award given to the top student in the paediatrics department for the year.

Prior to this Carl was awarded the Department of Anaesthesiology Prize (2013) for achieving the highest grades in the anaesthetics component of the degree. In addition, in his pre-clinical years at University he was also awarded two prizes for placing first in the class in ‘Reproduction, Development and Aging’ and ‘The Genitourinary System’.

Carl’s grades have also maintained a grade point average between an A and an A+ and he received Distinctions for performance in every one of his clinical years.

Impressively, as well as class awards and top grades, Carl is heavily immersed in research and has submitted two research papers to high ranking, international journals expected to make significant contributions to their respective fields (fertility and reproductive technology, and quality and safety improvement). He recently presented at the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia's annual conference, displaying his work on ‘decompressive craniotomy in malignant MCA infarction’ (removing a piece of the skull to treat a life-threatening stroke). In addition to this Carl recently submitted an ethics paper to the New Zealand Medical Journal regarding end of life care, patient autonomy and language barriers. Finally, he completed research in the field of immunology looking at type 1 diabetes in mouse models. The findings were incredibly helpful in furthering the research team’s understanding of the natural history of type 1 diabetes.

In total Carl has submitted 5 research papers throughout his studies – a significant number for anyone within the medical field.

Carl's primary goal is to become a Neurosurgeon, and he intends to complete various programmes and preparation workshops while he works through his first two years as a junior doctor at North Shore Hospital.


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