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Posted by Christie Parkin on 21/08/2017

2002 AIMES Awards Music Winner


Hello friends, Robbie Ellis, 2002 AIMES Awards Music Winner here. You might know me as a composer (e.g. for the APO and the NZSO), as a music director for improv and theatre (e.g. for The Second City), from classical music radio (RNZ Concert & 98.7 WFMT).

Robbie Makes an Album - donate today at

I also write and perform comedy songs. I've been doing it for six years now, performing all over New Zealand and the US. It's now high time to make an album. In a couple of months I'm coming back home to New Zealand where I've booked studios and players, but I need your help.






You should definitely go to
and check out all the details.

That page mentions some players I'm writing for (a mix of classical, jazz and rock) and the studios I've booked (in two different New Zealand cities). It also has the mysterious crowdfunding target.

Okay, the target is 9,000 New Zealand dollars. That's about US$6,800. It's a substantial total, and I'd be lying to say I don't have trepidation about it.

But to get the results I want, I've got to pay professional players a professional rate. I'm doing plenty myself for free - orchestrations, production, vocals, piano, bass and lots and lots of editing - but I can't play violin for instance. The above video proves that. You'll be happy to know I'm using AIMES Award winner Sarah McCracken on violin, and Rangitoto old boy Jono Sawyer on drums. My album will include the songs "Love is a Four-Letter Word" and the "Root Vegetable Opera", both of which I performed at the 2012 AIMES Awards Gala Dinner.

Please consider donating to my cause at I'll do the right thing and slip you a copy of the album before everyone else hears it :-)


Robbie Ellis

Best, warmest and most hopeful regards,

Robbie Ellis








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