AIMES awards submissions closing on 19 January 2024


The annual AIMES Awards are the highest-profile face of the North Harbour Club, but the objectives of the club are five-fold:

1. To establish and maintain a club of non-political character for members to meet through regular lunches and social activities.

2. To establish a charitable trust, known as The North Harbour Club Charitable Trust, to promote and develop local talent in the fields covered by the AIMES Awards.

3. To support cultural, sporting and recreational activities in the North Harbour Region.

4. To foster a spirit of pride in the North Harbour Region.

5. To foster a ‘good neighbour’ and ‘good citizen’ ethos in the North Harbour Region.

Membership of the North Harbour Club returns benefits to members as well as the young people the Club chooses to reward.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our fantastic sponsors